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The club was founded by Mr. James A Orr, owner of the Sudbury Journal Printing Company. The first organizational meeting of The Sudbury Curling was held on January 1, 1892.



The first home of the Sudbury Curling Club was the newly constructed Martin's rink with an open-air ice surface. This rink was officially opened on January 11, 1892, and the first curling games took place on January 28, 1892. The Martin rink was built for both skating and curling. A pair of sheets flanked the central skating area. In 1893, a new outdoor rink was built. The rink was 175'x35' and it had 2 sheets of ice that were covered. This was our home for the next 11 years.



By January 1914, a new rink was completed and we had a new home exclusively dedicated to curling. There were 6 sheets of ice with an assembly room and men's locker room. In the fall of 1914, an artificial ice plant was installed. We stayed at this building until 1959 when we moved to our current location at 300 Wessex Street.


On January 1, 1904, the club moved to a new combination of skating and curling rink. Later known as the Park Lane Rink. In September of 1910, a fire destroyed the rink and, for the next 2 years, there was no curling in Sudbury. A temporary 3 sheet rink was erected for the 1912-13 season.


Curl Sudbury.png

Located at 300 Wessex Street.


Our club is a 6 sheet curling facility with a fully functioning kitchen and bar. The ice conditions are second to none worldwide. Our 300 plus members can enjoy all that the club has to offer such as great ice, great food, and male and female locker rooms.


We are the only wheelchair-accessible curling facility in Sudbury.


We have leagues for everyone! 

All Ages. All Levels. All Curling.


Men's, Ladies, Mixed, Stick Players, Seniors, and more.

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